Video Preview of #531 on Dissociative Identity Disorder with Jane Hart

I speak with listener Jane Hart about her ongoing struggle with Dissociative Identify Disorder and the multiple-personalities that have emerged from it.

The full video of the interview can be found on


  1. Dr. Eimir McGrath
    Posted November 19, 2016 at 3:57 am | Permalink

    Dear Dr.Van Nuys,

    I am a regular listener to your podcasts and have always recommended this website to psychotherapy students as a wonderful resource to expand their learning.
    On this basis, I would like to express my incredibly deep disappointment in your closing words promoting your book following the remarkably honest and insightful interview with Jane Hart. Why did you do this?
    I applaud her wish to raise awareness of DID and I felt she did so in a very thoughtful and balanced way. As a psychotherapist who treats people with complex trauma and DID I was impressed with her bravery in placing herself in the public domain in order to combat stigma, misinformation and stereotypical sensationalist thinking about this condition. This made it all the more shocking to me when you used her interview as an opportunity to promote your own book that in effect perpetuated sensationalist misinformation, linking DID with a serial killer (who was never caught – a powerful unconscious seed of fear in this context).
    Even your closing apology to Ms. Hart for connecting her interview to this topic was vacuous and insufficient, leaving the listener with a mental link between two disparate topics, a link that should never have been made in this context.
    I am so sad that what was otherwise a really powerful and informative podcast should have ended in this way,

    Dr. Eimir McGrath

  2. Posted November 19, 2016 at 9:17 am | Permalink

    Dear Dr. McGrath, I want to thank you for confronting me on this. I agree with your critique and can only say it was a lapse of judgment on my part. I have removed the offending portion from the podcast so that future listeners will not hear it. I will also contact Jane Hart to convey my apology and to attempt to repair any negative impact my words may have had on her.

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