Below are links to transcriptions of some of the Shrink Rap Radio psychology podcast interviews. If you like the idea of having a transcript of your favorite interview(s), then how about volunteering to do some transcription, which will make the transcripts available for free to you and others! If you do, just be sure to drop me an e-mail before you start, so that I can make sure there is no duplication of effort. Thanks to all of our past transcriptionists!

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#583 – Coffee with Freud with Professor Brett Kahr TRANSCRIPTION IN PROCESS BY MAHYAR ALINAHGI 2/2/18

#573 – A Jungian Confronts Racial and Sexual Injustice in Mississippi with Tony Caldwell TRANSCRIPT IN PROCESS BY JO KELLY 12/25/17

#567 – Tea With Winnicott with Professor Brett Kahr

#564 – The New Mind Body Science of Depression with Charles Raison MD

#563 – Psychoanalysis in Tehran with Dr. Gohar Homayounpour

#561 – Narcissism and Love with Jungian Analyst Kenneth Kimmel

#550 – Archetypal Roots in The Evolution of Consciousness and the Upheaval of Paradigm Shift with Jerome S. Bernstein

#541 – My Shamanic Path with Sergey Baranov

#539 – The Lies We Tell Ourselves with Jon Frederickson MSW

#535 – Maximizing Effectiveness in Dynamic Psychotherapy with Patricia Coughlin PhD

#534 – Your Mind Is Bigger Than Your Brain with Daniel J. Siegel MD

#527 – Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation with Alexandra Katehakis

#520 – Life Reimagined at Midlife with Barbara Bradley Hagerty

#518 – Understanding Addiction As A Developmental Disorder with Maia Szalavitz

#516 – Ending The Parent-Teen Control Battle with Neil D. Brown LCSW

#513 – Exploring Neuro-Philosophy with Georg Northoff MD PhD

#507 – Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life with Mary Harrell PhD

#506 – Exploring The Medicinal and Spiritual Potential of Marijuana with Barbara Harris

#505 – Using Nutrition, Diet, and Supplementation to Treat Depression with James Greenblatt MD

#503 – Exploring The Disease Model Debate with Professor Peter Kinderman

#500 – Enhancing Your Baby’s Development Through Movement with Beverly Stokes

#495 – In Search of The Divine Feminine with Jungian Analyst Anne Baring

#493 – My Shamanic Healing Journey with Nathan Ehrlich M.A.

#489 – The Promise of Technology for The Aging Brain with Dr. Adam Gazzaley

#480 – Why Therapy Works with Louis Cozolino PhD

#479 – How to Get The Most Out of Psychotherapy with Gary Trosclair LCSW

#478 – Opening to Spirit Mediumship with Suzanne Maiden M.A.

#475 – The Social and Psychological Impact of AI and Robotics with John Markoff

#474 -Dreams and Awareness Practices with Jungian Therapist Machiel Klerk M.A.

#470 – The Cycle of Life with Israeli Jungian Analyst Erel Shalit

#466 – Yoga Therapy for Addiction, Depression & Anxiety with Sarahjoy Marsh

#462 – Carl Jung and Erich Neumann with Jungian Analyst Nancy Furlotti PhD

#461 – Strategies for Getting Therapy Clients Unstuck with Courtney Armstrong

#460 – Creating Health with Holistic Psychiatrist Robert Hedaya MD

#453 – The Nocturnal Dreams of PTSD Victims with Stanley Krippner PhD

#452 – Neurofeedback in The Treatment of Developmental Trauma with Sebern Fisher M.A.

#448 – Understanding Our Archetypal Nature with Gary S. Bobroff M.A. TRANSCRIPTION IN PROCESS BY BARCLAY LEBRASSEUR 2/8/17

#442 – Reclaiming Your Identity After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

#441 – Psychosynthesis: Past, Present and Future with Molly Young Brown

#440 – Mindfulness & Self-Compassion as Tools for Shifting Out of Depression with Elisha Goldstein PhD

#439 – Psychedelics and Their Power to Heal with Journalist/Author Tom Shroder

#438 – Exploring A Relational Approach to Autism and Other States of Mind with Dr. Dan L. Edmunds

#437 – Embracing Envy in Life and Therapeutic Practice with Josh Gressel PhD TRANSCRIPT IN PROCESS Clive van Hilten 11/12/16

#436 – Brain, Mind, and Body in The Healing of Trauma with Bessel van der Kolk MD

#435 – The Potential of Video Games to Fend Off Mental Decline with Clive Thompson

#434 – Science and Pseudoscience in Psychology with Scott Lilienfeld PhD

#433 – Transactional Analysis: Past, Present, and Future with Vann Joines PhD

#432 – Human Systems Theory and Practice with Mark Horowitz M.A.

#428 – A Report from The Sexual Frontier with Sex Therapist Marty Klein, PhD TRANSCRIPT IN PROCESS BY ANIA HORNOWSKI 4/5/15

#424 – Being a Brain-Wise Therapist with Bonnie Badenoch PhD

#422 – Finding True Refuge in Mindfulness with Tara Brach PhD

#420 – A Model for Integrative Mental Health with Rubin Naiman PhD

#419 – Internal Family Systems Therapy with Jay Earley PhD

#418 – How to Be An Adult in Love with David Richo PhD

#416 – Trauma and The Soul with Donald Kalsched PhD

#415 – Exploring Consciousness and Health with Marilyn Schlitz PhD

#414 – Fairy Tales and The New Aging with John C. Robinson

#412 – Meister Eckart, Mystic Warrior for Our Time with Matthew Fox

#410 – A Research-Based View of Mindfulness & Health with Ellen Langer PhD

#407 – Mindfulness as An Antidote for The Busy-ness Epidemic with Brigid Schulte

#403 – Insights on Rape, Courage, and Authenticity from The Cartooning Psychologist, Nina Burrowes PhD

#402 – Techniques for Relieving Depression Without Medication with Bill O’Hanlon

#400 – A War Correspondent’s Memoir of Yoga Healing with Brad Willis (Bhava Ram)

#399 – Trauma and The Body with Pat Ogdon PhD

#398 – Exploring Four Virtues with Tobin Hart PhD

#397 – James Alexander PhD Interviews David Van Nuys PhD

#396 – Dream Tending with Stephen Aizenstat PhD

#394 – The Benefits of Playing Video Games with Dr. Isabela Granic PhD

#393 – The Science and Practice of Gratitude with Robert A. Emmons, PhD

#392 – On Time, Trauma, and Heroism with Philip Zimbardo PhD

#389 – The Brain Bible with John B. Arden, PhD

#388 – William James as Progenitor of Transpersonal Psychology with Mark B. Ryan PhD

#387 – How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For The Better with Clive Thompson

#386 – An Update on Mind-Expanding Substances with Ralph Metzner PhD

385 – The Science of Romantic Relationships with Sue Johnson PhD

#384 – Women and Wine, Her Best-Kept Secret with Gabrielle Glaser

#383 – Developments in Neuropsychotherapy with Pieter Rossouw PhD

#382 – Healing Developmental Trauma with Laurence Heller, PhD

#381 – Dreams As Guides to The Soul with Steven G. Fox PhD

#377 – Dispelling The Ghosts Who Run Our Lives with Jungian Analyst James Hollis

#376 – A Psychodynamic Understanding of Personality Structure with Nancy McWilliams

#375 – Transforming Tragedy into Growth with Jonathan Van Nuys

#374 – Exploring The Impact of Internet Pornography on The Brain with Gary Wilson

#373 – The Fear Fix with Sarah Chana Radcliffe

#372 – Exploring Holotropic Breathwork with Jungian Analyst Monika Wikman

#371 – An Exploration of Parent/Teen Relationships with Michael Ocana MD

#370 – Mindfulness and Loving Relationships with John Amodeo

#369 – A Biopsychological Model to Guide Psychotherapy with Robert Moss PhD

#368 – Psychoanalytic and Jungian Perspectives on Couples at The Crossroads with Daniela Roher and Susan E. Schwartz

#366 – The Dream and Its Amplification with Jungian Analyst Nancy Furlotti

#361 – Deep Blues with Jungian Analyst Mark Winborn

#359 – Addiction In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts with Gabor Mate

#358 – A Soul-Centered Approach to Creativity with Jonathan Katz, PhD

#357 – Lifelong Love with Phyllis Koch-Sheras and Peter Sheras

#356 – Relationships, Dating and Disability with Danielle Sheypuk

#354 What Aging Men Want with John C. Robinson, PhD

#353 – Thriving with Adult ADHD with Craig Surman, MD

#351 – Exploring The Placebo Response with Jungian Analyst Richard Kradin, MD

#349 – Intuition and Dreams with David Sowerby, PhD

#348 – Nutrition and Mental Health with Whole-Psychiatry Founder, Robert Hedaya, MD

#344 – Archetypal Phenomena Surrounding Death with Monika Wikman, PhD

#343 – The Marriage of Tarot and Psychology with Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone

#342 – Exploring Archetypal Patterns with Jungian Analyst Michael Conforti PhD

#341 The Hidden Psychology of Pain with James Alexander,PhD

#339 – Infant Research & Neuroscience Implications for Psychotherapy with Judith Rustin

#337 – Using Dreams in Health Care with Christopher Sowton, ND

#336 – The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy with Louis Cozolino PhD

#335 – The Archetypal Couple with Jungian Analyst Tamar Kron, PhD

#334 – The Fear Project with Jaimal Yogis

#333 – Developments in Energy Therapy with David Feinstein, PhD

#331 – A Jungian Approach to Addiction with David Schoen, PhD

#330 – Unlocking The Emotional Brain with Bruce Ecker, M.A.

#329 – The Emotional Foundation of Mind with Jaak Panksepp, PhD

#328 -The Red Book and Cycles of Change with Jungian Analyst Robert Bosnak

#327 – Politics and Jung with Jungian Analyst Tom Elsner

#325 – Reflections on The Anima Mundi with Jungian Analyst Monika Wikman PhD

#324 – Exploring HeartMath with Rollin McCraty PhD

#322 – Mastering Resilience with Dennis Charney MD

#321 – The Brain in Trauma and PTSD with Robert Scaer MD

#320 – Frontiers in Somatic Therapy with Eleanor Criswell EdD

#319 – On The Frontier of Neurotherapy with Paul Swingle PhD

#318 – Understanding Problem Kids with Nancy Rappaport MD

#317 – Body Therapy and The Embodied Life with Stanley Keleman

#315 – Sexuality and the Religious Imagination with Bradley Tepaske, PhD

#313 – Building Heaven on Earth with Dwight Webb PhD

#312 – Behaviorism and Spirituality with William Baum PhD

#311 – Synchronicity and The Interconnected Universe with Jungian Analyst Joseph Cambray, PhD-

#308 – My Long Run of Synchronicities with David Van Nuys, PhD

#307 Freedom From Pain with Maggie Phillips, PhD

#306 – The Now Effect with Elisha Goldstein PhD

#305 – The Dangers of Diagnosing Children as Bipolar with Stuart Kaplan, MD

#304 Tragic Beauty: The Dark Side of Venus Aphrodite with Jungian Analyst, Arlene Diane Landau

#303 Exploring Synchronicity with Jungian Analyst, Dr. Jeffrey Raff

#302 Exploring Mindful Dreaming with Rubin Naiman PhD

#301 The Hero-s Journey and Dreams with Kelly Sullivan Walden
#299 – Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method with Jungian Analyst, John Beebe MD

#298 The Relationship Between Positive Psychology and Health Outcomes with Lisa Aspinwall, PhD

#297 Engineering Happiness with Rakesh Sarin, PhD

#295 Mythology and the Spiritual Journey with Richard Naegle, PhD

#294 – The Dark Side of Seligman-s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness with Stephen Soldz PhD

#293 – A Jungian Approach to Fairy Tales with Tom Elsner

#292 The Motherline with Jungian Analyst Naomi Ruth Lowinsky PhD

#290 Ally Work with Jungian Analyst Jeffrey Raff PhD

#288 – The Buddha Occupies Wall Street with Shoken Michael Stone

#287 – ePsychotherapy with Ofer Zur, PhD

#286 – Understanding Jungian Active Imagination with Monika Wikman, PhD

#284 – A Jungian Vision to Save The Planet with Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD

#283 – An Update on The Positive Potential of Psychedelics with James Fadiman, PhD

#282 – A Hollywood Perspective on Story with Producer Lindsay Doran

#279 – Grief, Ritual, and The Soul of The World with Francis Weller, M.A.

#278 – The Use of Active Imagination in Jungian Sandplay with Maria Hess, PhD

#275 – Understanding Laughter as Medicine with Madan Kataria, MD

#274 – The Secret Lives of The Brain with David Eagleman, PhD

#273 – Victimization Nation with Ofer Zur, PhD

#271 – Happy,- The Movie, with Roko Belic

#270 – Unlocking Psychological Wealth with Robert Biswas-Diener, PhD

#269 – The Power of Relationship in Psychoanalysis and Buddhism with Pilar Jennings, Ph.D.

#266 – More on Hypnogogia with Jerry Trumbule

#265 – The Polyvagal Theory with Stephen Porges, Ph.D.

#264 – Beyond Forgiveness, Reflections on Atonement with Phil Cousineau

#263 – An Intuitive Approach to Treating Trauma with Sage Breslin PhD

#262 – A Door into The Unconscious with Jerry Trumbule

#261 – Practical Life Philosophy with Brian Johnson

#260 – Whole Psychiatry with Robert Hedaya, MD

#259 – The Slippery Slope of Reality (Part 2) with Jerry Trumbule, MS, ABD

#258 – Revolution and The Quest for Happiness in The Middle East with Doug Davis, PhD

#256 – Mindful Sleep, Mindful Dreams with Ruben Naiman, Ph.D.

#255 – Mindsight with Daniel Siegel, MD

#254 – A Psychiatrist-s Most Bizarre Cases with Gary Small, MD

#253 – Creativity and The Brain with Shelly Carson, PhD

#252 – Buddhist Perspectives on Psychotherapy with Mark Epstein, MD

#251 – Mindfulness and psychotherapy with Patrick Thornton, PhD

#249 – Buddha-s Brain: The Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, & Wisdom with Rick Hanson, PhD

#248 – Sound Sleep, Sound Mind with Barry Krakow, MD

#247 – The Myth of American Innocence with Barry Spector

#246 – Exploring Savant Syndrome with Darold Treffert, MD

#245 – The Art of Choosing with Sheena Iyengar

#244 – Stories of The Middle Passage with Jungian Analyis, James Hollis PhD

#243 – Exploring Behavioral Economics with Dan Ariely

#242 – The Red Book of C.G. Jung with Nancy Furlotti

#241 – Jung in The Louisiana Gulf with Richard Chachere

#239 – Awakening Joy with James Baraz

#238 – Exploring The Criminal Personality with Stanton Samenow, PhD

#236 – The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Therapies with Jonathan Shedler

#235 – Using Alchemical Archetypes in Jungian Analysis with Monika Wikman, PhD

#233 – NLP Modeling in Corporate Training with Tom Carroll

#232 – Mindfulness and The Art of Choice with Karen Sherman, PhD

#231 – The Meditating Brain with Richard Davidson

#230 – 101 Exercises For The Soul with Bernie Siegel, MD

#229 – A Jungian View of The Unlived Life with Jerry Ruhl

#228 – Positive Psychology Coaching with John Schinnerer

#227 – Reclaiming Your Real Self with Rick Johnson

#226 – Dream Sight with Jane Teresa Anderson

#225 – The Neuroscience of Meditation with Sara Lazar

#223 – Seeking Wisdom in ExtremeSolitude with Robert Kull

#222 – Wise Mind Open Mind with Ron Alexander, PhD

#221 – Secrets of The Bulletproof Spirit with Azim Khamisa

#217 – Happiness and Health with Dacher Keltner

#216 – The Light Inside Dark Times with Michael Meade

#215 – Archetypal Work with Inner-City Youth with Kwame Scruggs

#214 – Focusing With Ann Weiser Cornell

#213 – The Highly Sensitive Person with Ted Zeff

#211 – Resurrection After Rape with Matt Atkinson

#208 – Pre- and Perinatal Psychology with William Emerson PhD

#207 – Life Changing Lessons from Hard Core Cons with Dana Houck

#206 – The Yoga of Self-Acceptance with Tony Wolff

#205 – Healing Troubled Relationships with David Burns, MD

#203 – The Feminine Face of God with Sherry Ruth Anderson

#201 – Energy Psychiatry and Emotional Freedom with Judith Orloff, MD

#200 – Suicide Prevention Among LGBT Youth with Effie Malley

#199 – The Secret History of Dreaming with Robert Moss

#197 – Scientific Parapsychology with Dean Radin

#196 – Exploring Lacanian Psychoanalysis with Raul Moncayo

#194 – Life Among The Piraha – An Amazonian Psychology with Daniel Everett

#193 – Holistic Psychotherapy with Sarah Chana Radcliffe

#192 – Living Forward and Giving Back with Isabelle St. Jean – TRANSCRIPT IN PROCESS BY ROSE LEO KISCH APRIL 12, 2014

#191 – Stopping Self-Sabotage with Pat Pearson

#190 – IconiCards: The Un-Tarot with Sharon Livingston

#189 – Lucid Dreaming with Robert Waggoner

#188 – Technology and The Evolving Brain with Gary Small, M.D.

#187 – Happy At Last with Richard O-Connor, Ph.D.

#186 – What Happy Women Know with Dr. Cathy Greenberg

#184 – Working with Families and The Courts with Dana Schneider

#183 – Mindfulness, Harm Reduction and Relapse Prevention with Alan Marlatt

#182 – Effects of Meditation and CBT on The Brain with Philippe Goldin

#181 – The Art of Engagement in Organizations with Jim Haudan

#180 – Consciousness and Technology with Nova Spivack

#179 – A Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy with Dr. Stan Tatkin

#178 – Intuition and The Voyager Tarot (with Dr. James Wanless)

#175 – Toltec Wisdom Teachings (with Allan Hardman)

#174 – Murder Most Psychological (with Roberta Isleib, Ph.D.)

#173 – Prison Dreams and Fairy Tales (with Dr. Dana Houck)

#172 – The Dave and Jerry Show #12: Tweets for Twits? (with Dr. Dave and Jerry Trumbule, MS, PhD (abd))

#171 – The View From A University Counseling Center (with Thomas Murray, Ph.D.)

#170 – From Dreambody to Worldwork (with Dr. Arny and Amy Mindell)

#169 – Way of The Scottish Ninja (with Jock Brocas)

#168 – An International Conference on Shamanism (with Juliette Hanauer, Dr. Jurgen Kremer, and Gail Hayssen)

#167- Shrink Rap Radio LIVE#11 – Chumps for Chimps! (with Jerry Trumbule, MS, PhD(abd))

#166 – A Jungian View of The Feminine in Film (with John Beebe, M.D.)

#165 – Irritable Male Syndrome (with Jed Diamond, Ph.D.)

#164 – A Holistic Approach to Treating PTSD in Israel (with Rabbi Immanuel Yosef Legomsky, M.A.)

#163 – Exercise and The Brain (with John J. Ratey, M.D.)

#162 – Tea and Empathy: Combining Acupuncture, Hypnosis and NLP (with Randy Clere)

#161 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE! #10 (with Jerry Trumbule and Dr. Dave discussing whether Google makes us stupid)

#160 – Drunk with Wonder (with Steve Ryals)

#159 – Hollywood Therapist to The Stars (with Dennis Palumbo)

#158 – Psychology, Economics, and Learning Communities (with Dr. Art Warmoth)

#157 – The Psychology of SecondLife (with Wagner James Au)

#156 – My Three Shrinks (with psychiatrists Roy, Dinah, and ClinkShrink)

#155 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE #9 (with Jerry Trumbule and Dr. Dave)

#154 – The Good News on Memory (with Dr. Sue Halpern)

#153 – Medicine Dance – A Shamanic Journey (with Marsha Scarbrough)

#152 – Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (With Dr. Elisha Goldstein)

#151 – Relationships in The Workplace (with Bob Murray, PhD, and Alicia Fortinberry, MS)

#150 – Wisdom Councils and Dynamic Facilitation (with Jim Rough)

#149 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE #8 (with Dr. Dave and Jerry Trumbule)

#148 – Ego States Psychotherapy (with Sarah Chana Radcliffe)

#147 – Nirvana and The Brain (with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor)

#146 – The Individual vs. The Collective on The Internet (with Dr. Dave and students)

#145 – A Psychoanalyst-s View of HBO-s In Treatment (with Dr. Fern Cohen)

#144 – Psychoanalysis From Both Sides of The Couch (with Dr. Fern Cohen)

#142 – The Happiness Hypothesis (with Jonathan Haidt, Ph.D.)

#141 – Hypnotic Dreamwork and EFT (with Nancy Hunter)

#140 – Adventures in Jungian Typology (with Dr. John Beebe)

#139 – Conscious Living and Dying (with Annamaria Hemingway, M.A., ABD)

#138 – MindMentor – The NLP RoboTherapist (with Jaap Hollander, Ph.D.)

#137 – Buddhist Happiness (with Dr. Sylvia Boorstein)

#135 – Jungian Sandplay Therapy (with Liza Ravitz, Ph.D.)

#134 – Sign Language for Babies (with Nancy Hanauer)

#132 – The Psychology of Doll Work with Geri Olson, Ph.D.

#127 – The Authoritarian Personality with Dr. Robert Altemeyer

#126 – Artificial Life and Artificial Intelligence (with Tom Barbalet and co-host Jerry Trumbule)

#124 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE #2 (with Jerry Trumbule, MS, PhD(abd))

#122 – Shrink Rap Live #1 (with David Van Nuys and Jerry Trumbule)

#121 – Psychopathology in The Workplace (with Dr. Laurence Miller)

#120 – Adventure-Based Psychotherapy (with Jason Holder, Ed.D.)

#119 – Using Hypnosis and EMDR to Repair Broken Maternal/Infant Bonds (with Tony Madrid, Ph.D)

#118 – The Psychological Impact of Materialism (with Tim Kasser, Ph.D.)

#117 – Self-Disclosure and Friendship (with Dr. Charles Merrill)

#116 – Undoing The Ego (with Nouk Sanchez and Thomas Vieria)

#115 – Existential-Humanistic Psychotherapy and Education (with Dr. Myrtle Heery)

#114 – The Podcast and New Media Expo (with various podcasters) NEEDS TRANSCRIPTION
#113 – Visit To A Psychology Club (with Dr. Dave & students)

#112 – The Commercialization of Childhood (with Alan Kanner, Ph.D.)

#111- Psychoanalyzing George W. Bush (with Justin Frank, M.D.)

#109 – War and The Soul with Edward Tick PhD

#105 – The Psychology of Doing Good (with Stephen Post, Ph.D.)

#104 – Psychology and Cybersexuality (with Joanie Gillispie, Ph.D.)

#101 – The Bitch, The Crone, and The Harlot (with Susan Schachterle)

#100 – Anniversary Show (with Jerry Trumbule, MS, PhD (abd) )

#99 – The Unabomber and The Zodiac (with Doug Oswell)

#97 – The Freud/Jung Letters with Doug Davis, Ph.D.

#96 – Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy with Michael Mayer, PhD

#95 – Dr. Stanley Krippner on Dreams

#94 – Dream Wisdom (with Alan Siegel, Ph.D.)

#93 – Dreaming As A Bridge Between Religion and Science (with Dr. Kelly Bulkeley)

#92 – Recent Scientific Studies on Dreaming (with Mark Blagrove)

#91 – A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Dreams (with Curtis Hoffman, Ph.D.)

#90 – The Language of Dreams with Robert Hoss

#89 – The Secret Spiritual World of Children with Tobin Hart, PhD

#87 – Understanding How Good People Turn Evil (with Dr. Philip Zimbardo)

#85 – The Heroine’s Journey with Maureen Murdock

#83 – The Archetype of the Wise Fool with Clare Morris, Ph.D.

#82 – In Praise of Sweet Darkness

#81 – Understanding the Anxiety Disorders (with Dr. Wayne Easlack)

#78 – The Legacy of Dr. Timothy Leary (With R.U. Sirius)

#77 – Understanding the Enneagram with Gabriele Hilberg PhD

#75 – A New Theory of Synchronicity (with Gibbs Williams, Ph.D.)

#74 – Behavioral Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Monastic Psychology with Brother Bernard Seif

#70 – Tarot As Psychological Tool

#69 – From 60 Minutes Producer to Positive Psychologist (with Dr. John Drimmer)

#66 – What Really Works in Therapy (with Dr. Scott D. Miller)

#65 – Clinical Applications of Positive Psychology with Judy Saltzberg

#63- The Psychology of Affluence (with Jessie O’Neill)

#61 – Discovering Positive Psychology with James Pawelski, Ph.D.

#60 – Healing The Addictive Personality with Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D.

#59 – Working with The Victims of Torture (with Uwe Jacobs, Ph.D.

#58 – Understanding Art Therapy

#57- The Healing Power of Forgiveness with Fred Luskin, Ph.D.

#56 – Film and Personal Growth (with Tui Wilchinsky, Ph.D.)

#55 – Psychopathology and The Mind (with Dr. Daniel Amen)

#54 – Understanding Autism with Lorna Catford, Ph.D.

#53 – Tibetan Buddhist Psychology (with Neten Chokling Rinpoche)

#52 – Religious Delusions (with the Reverend Christopher Heath)

#51 – Group Projective Dream Work (with Rev. Jeremy Taylor)

#50 – Ericksonian Hypnotherapy & Solution-Oriented Therapy (with Bill O’Hanlon, M.A.)

#43 – A Jungian Shaman with Carl Greer, PhD

#42 – Happy Birthday, Dr. Freud! (with Doug Davis, Ph.D.)

#41 – Bodymind Healing with QiQong with Michael Mayer

#40 – Practical Police Psychology (with Dr. Laurence Miller)

#37 – Psychology and Longevity with Dr. C. Norman Shealy

#35 – Attitudinal Healing (with Gerald Jampolsky, M.D.)

#34 – Forty Years of Consciousness Research (with Dr. Charles Tart)

#32 – Healing Through Art (with Jennifer Linton)

#31 – Shamanic Psychology (with Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.)

#30 – Scientific Parapsychology with Dr. Stanley Krippner

#29 – Mindful Leadership, Mindful living (with Dr. Ron Alexander)

#28 – Ecopsychology, Terrapsychology, and The Soul of Place (with Dr. Craig Chalquist)

#27 – Computer-Assisted Dream Interpretation

#26 – Bullying in The Workplace

#25 – Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

#24 – Psychological Survival in Baghdad

#23 – Ageism: A Call for Tolerance and Compassion

#22 – Snake Dreams with Robin and Suzanne Maiden

#21 – Gestalt Therapy Interview (with Dr. Victor Daniels)

#20 – Teaching with Passion – An Interview with Dr. Maria Hess

#19 – The Predictive Errors of Political Experts with Philip Tetlock, Ph.D

#18 – Two Blokes in an Aussie Pub Discuss Psychology with Frank Smolle

#17 – Psychology and Technology in Consumer Research (with Dr. Renee Frengut)

#16 – Psychology in Australia with Frank Smolle

#15 – Islamic Psychology with Doug Davis, Ph.D.

#14 – High School Psychology and Podcasting

#13 – Jungian Archetypes and Their Application in Psychotherapy and Consumer Research

#12 – Altered States of Consciousness

#11 – The Use of Metaphor and Story in Market Research with Sharon Livingston, PhD

#10 – Psychology, Psychedelics, Meditation, and Art (with Bert Kaplan, M.A.)

#9 – Mythic Views of Aging with Susan Stewart, Ph.D.

#8 – Depth Psychology with Stuart Kohler – attorney, private eye, and grad student

#7 – Mayan Shamanic Healing with Norbert Muigg

#6 – Psychology and Politics (with Larry Robinson, M.A., MFT)

#5 – Dr. Dave Interviewed on Podcasting, Psychology, and His Serial Killer Book

#4 – On The Death of Psychology with Jerry Trumbule, ABD, MA

#3 – Victimhood, Responsibility and Choice with Dr. Dave

#2 – Dreams & The Hero-s Journey (with Dr. David Gordon)

#1 – Intuition: An Interview with Dr. David Sowerby


  1. Jo Kelly
    Posted May 21, 2008 at 12:39 am | Permalink

    It is great to see so many transcriptions being prepared! I must say I thoroughly enjoy transcribing a session every now and then. Thanks for finding such great guests Dr. Dave.

  2. Posted May 26, 2008 at 9:43 am | Permalink


    Here are some tips which may make the transcription process easier for my volunteers.

    Jason Howard uses a wonderful FREE software program which works on both Windows and Mac. It’s called Express Scribe (

    Here’ what they say, in part: “Express Scribe is a professional audio player software for PC, Mac or Linux designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. It is installed on the typist’s computer and can be controlled using a transcription foot pedal or using the keyboard (with ‘hot’ keys). This computer transcriber application also offers valuable features for typists including variable speed playback, multi-channel control, file management and more. This program is free. The full features list of Express Scribe transcription playback software follows but a quick way to test is to simply download and install it. You don’t need to purchase anything and it only takes a couple of minutes to complete downloading and installation.”

    Jo Kelly reports she likes a Windows program called TranScriber (, which is also free. According to the TranScriber site: “TransScriber is a small tool for playing back a sound file while you type the words spoken into your favourite text editor, like Microsoft Word. TransScriber can play sound files in a number of formats and lets you control the speed, pause, create bookmarks and navigate around the timeline of your interview, all while you are using your word processor in full screen. TransScriber simply sits in the background and waits for your commands, which it can detect while you are working in any other program.” According to Jo, this program is simple to install and easy and intuitive to use.

    Susan Argyelan reports that she uses her iPod to do the audio playback, which makes it easy to start and stop and rewind in small bits. As of 6/29/14, I’ve noticed that the built-in IOS player for iPhone/iPad has a 15 sec. rewind button. I’m pretty sure this could be set to a shorter jump back. There must be similar playback software for Android. You can simply subscribe to Shrink Rap Radio and open the episode in the player, without having to download the episode as separate step.

    Renata Sielecki sent a set of helpful transcription style tips, e.g. instead of “uh huh” or Uh uh,” type “Yes” or “No.” It will read much better. Lots of good tips!

    Regardless of which player you use, it can be helpful if you slow down the speed of the player.

    You should do your transcription in MS Word and send it to me that way. Use #140, above, as a template for formatting. I’ll convert to an Adobe .pdf.

    Thanks for your help!

    Dr. Dave

  3. Posted June 7, 2008 at 8:31 am | Permalink

    Here’s another transcription tip from Jason Howard: “Something I actually just discovered — I can’t believe I didn’t discover this sooner — is to use the AutoCorrect feature of Microsoft Word to expand text. So I type tyvm and it turns into “thank you very much,” and idk turns into “I don’t know.” I use thec as a shortcut for therapeutic, wful and bful for wonderful and beautiful, psy for psychology and psyl for psychological. Srr for Shrink Rap Radio. bc for because. diff for different and bc for because. ppl for people. I started with a few of these and an easy reference next to me while I typed. As they gradually become second nature to me I added more.”

    “In my version of MS Word, I go to tools, AutoCorrect Options and replace psy with psychological, for example. In this way my typing speed has increased so much and as I add more shortcuts will get even faster!”

  4. irfan
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    I have visited this site and it is really great especially for reading about pyschology. I am also a transcriber and I can work for you on volunteer basis, but want some MT work as well. Can you get me some homebased MT work which is paid, other than this one??


  5. Tracy Padalino
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    I would love to help with this transcription. I would like to drop you an e-mail before I start, but I cannot seem to find an e-mail address or link. The contact us link is just a phone number to the show. Maybe I am missing something, but can you please post an e-mail, or direct me to the link.

    Thank You

  6. Anybody
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    The email address is on the contact page … right above the phone number. Duh!

  7. Pat Meiswinkel
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    Thank you for your service.

    Note: really like where the transcripts highlight in blue link links to referenced internet sights. I listen to your pod casts on my walks and can come home and check the transcripts for a quick link to the mentioned websites.

  8. Anthony Ennis
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    Dr. Dave, first of all thank you for putting in the hard work on your side for making this happen all happen. It has opened up my mind in a way, that I have answers where there where questions before. Your guests are v. informative, your questions are probing and illuminating Moreover the quality of content is so important in a world which is saturated with information. So keep up the good work. Anthony

  9. Thomas Tomczyk
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    Dear Dr. Dave,
    I was very pleased to hear your podcast (#264 – Beyond Forgiveness, Reflections on Atonement with Phil Cousineau)about atonement, such a an overlooked aspect of human interactions that holds a key at facilitating forgiveness and understand in conflict resolution.
    Interestingly Wikipedia classifies ( atonement as a form of undoing, a neurotic ego defense. I believe that proper atonement is closely related to altruism through empathy and action and as such should be considered a mature ego defense.
    What was missing from your interview was a asking of Mr. Cousineau when forgiveness should perhaps not be given. Should the wronged party always forgive, even when the offending party is not asking for forgiveness, nor showing any remorse or readiness for atonement? This is a crucial question that is both philosophical and psychological in nature.
    I feel that forgiving without understanding the motives and context of the wrong, is often a shortsighted way out of a situations. It is a way of appeasing ones own guilt of feeling angry at the victimizer without the difficult work of studying the event and confronting the victimizer.
    Dr. Dave, you are doing a fantastic serviced of bringing such topics and guests to your listeners, and I truly appreciate your hard work.
    With best wishes,
    Thomas Tomczyk

  10. Rick
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    I’m currently writing a proposal for a new measure that attempts to tap into a psychodynamic construct which finds its etiology in Freud. The professor overseeing my work comes from a cognitive behavioral background and thus is having difficulty buying into the underlying variables that support my criterion. The hell we go through to provide the “evidence base” causes me to question my own sanity daily.

    When I was in my early twenties I saw a CBT therapist for severe panic disorder. While the techniques he taught me to manage symptoms were indispensable I still carry a bit of a resentment towards him for not helping me attack the underlying problems that caused my anxiety. You can train a smart monkey to do CBT, it takes natural talent to be a psychodynamic therapist. Talent that I am still trying to determine if I have.

    Psychoanalytic theory is the soul of psychology!

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    I’m a bit slow to catch up, but episode 40 was fantastic!


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    Here’s another tip, I’ve recently discovered. If you have a smart phone, you can play back the interview in a podcast app that allows you to easily pause and that also has a configurable back button that will let you quickly jump back 30 seconds or so. For the iPhone, the standard IOS podcast app has this feature!

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    I have started listening to your podcasts/ radio interviews in order to obtain CEUS. How can I download the CEU Certificates or will you email them to my email?

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    Hi Lovonette,

    To earn the CEU certificates you have to enroll in my courses though The Zur Institute. Use this link

    Also you can get a 10% discount on any of the CE courses not offered by me at by using my discount code of DRDAVE88.



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