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#383 – Developments in Neuropsychotherapy with Pieter Rossouw

  Transcript Pieter J. Rossouw, MClin Psych, PhD, MAPS, MCClin is the Director of the Mediros Unit for Neuropsychotherapy – a company that provides training in Neurobiology and Neuropsychotherapy. He also teaches at the University of Queensland in the School of Psychology and the School of Social Work and Human Services and is the Director […]

#374 – Exploring The Impact of Internet Pornography on The Brain with Gary Wilson

Transcript Gary Wilson is the host of www.yourbrainonporn.com. His website arose about 3 years ago in response to a growing demand for solid scientific information by heavy Internet erotica users experiencing perplexing, unexpected effects: escalation to more extreme material, concentration difficulties, sexual performance problems, radical changes in sexual tastes, social anxiety, depression, lack of motivation, […]

#321 -The Brain in Trauma and PTSD with Robert Scaer MD

Transcript Robert Scaer, M.D. received his B.A. in Psychology, and his M.D. degree at the University of Rochester. He is Board Certified in Neurology, and has been in practice for 36 years, twenty of those as Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services at the Mapleton Center in Boulder, CO. His primary areas of interest and expertise […]

#316 – Exploring Neuro-Psychoanalysis with Mark Solms PhD

Mark Solms PhD is best known for his discovery of the forebrain mechanisms of dreaming, and his pioneering use of psychoanalytic methods and theories in contemporary neuroscience. Born in L’deritz in 1961, he was educated at Pretoria Boys’ School and the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. He moved to London in 1988, where […]

#253 – Creativity and The Brain with Shelly Carson, PhD

Shelley Carson, PhD is a researcher and instructor of creativity, psychopathology and resilience. She is the author of Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity and Innovation in Your Life (Jossey-Bass/Wiley). Based on scientific findings from studies involving brain imaging, brain injury cases, neuropsychological testing and interviews with hundreds of highly creative individuals, […]

#149 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE #8

#123 – The Mind in The Exploratorium

I recently visited the San Francisco Exploratorium and Dr. Richard Brown was kind enough to give me the guided tour which you will hear here. You can join us on the tour right now! Dr. Richard Brown is a Neuropsychologist on the staff at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Housed within the walls of San Francisco’s […]