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#586 – The Upside of Shame with Vernon Kelly Jr. MD

Vernon C. (Vick) Kelly, Jr., M.D. is a board certified psychiatrist, author, and educator who has lectured nationally and internationally integrating affect and script theories into a variety of topics, including childhood trauma, restorative practice, psychotherapeutic interventions with individuals and couples, and emotional intimacy. His psychiatric practice in suburban Philadelphia focuses on the biopsychosocial forces […]

#329 – The Emotional Foundation of Mind with Jaak Panksepp, PhD

Transcript Dr. Jaak Panksepp is Baily Endowed Professor of Animal Well-Being Science at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University, and founder of the field of Affective Neuroscience. Along with many students and colleagues, he has published over 400 scientific articles, chapters and reviews devoted to elucidating the basic mechanisms of motivations and emotions […]

#138 – MindMentor – The NLP RoboTherapist

#136 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE! #6

This is one of our LIVE shows that my longtime friend

#132 – The Psychology of Doll Work


#131 – Confronting Death

#125 – The Psychological Roots of Leadership

Stephen H. Baum is author of the 2007 book, What Made Jack Welch Jack Welch: How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders. Mr. Baum has been an adviser and coach to CEOs for more than twenty years, first as a partner with Booz Allen Hamilton and, now, as an independent practitioner and director of the Point […]

#119 – Using Hypnosis and EMDR to Repair Broken Maternal/Infant Bonds