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#311 – Synchronicity and The Interconnected Universe with Jungian Analyst Joseph Cambray

Transcript Joseph Cambray, Ph.D. is President of the International Association of Analytical Psychology; He is the former US Editor of the Journal of Analytical Psychology. He is a faculty member at Harvard Medical School, Center for Psychoanalytic Studies, at Massachusetts General Hospital, Psychiatry Department, and adjunct faculty at Pacifica Graduate Institute. His publications include the […]

#259 – The Slippery Slope of Reality (2) with Jerry Trumbule

Dr. Hameroff has conducted very intriguing research on “microtubules,” tiny biological “transistors” which suggest a memory system much larger and more complex than that provided through the synapses.

#257 – The Slippery Slope of Reality (1) with Jerry Trumbule

Jerry Tumbule, M.S, ABD and I have another one of our wide ranging conversations. As usual, it is both personal and psychological. Among the topics we discuss in this first episode of a three-part series is an article that appeared in the December 13, 2010 issue of The New Yorker, titled