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#413 – The Unification of Clinical Science and Psychotherapy with Jeffrey Magnavita PhD

Jeffrey J. Magnavita, Ph.D., ABPP is a leading psychologist, psychotherapist and clinical theorist, who has been practicing psychotherapy for three decades. He is the author and editor of seven professional books on psychotherapy, personality theory, and the treatment of personality disorders. Dr. Magnavita has received numerous awards for his work including the American Psychological Association’s […]

#332 – The Emerging Psychotherapeutic Consensus with John B. Arden, PhD

Click here for the article we discuss in this episode. John Arden, Ph.D. has 35 years of experience providing psychological services and directing mental health programs. Since 1999 he has served as the Director of Training for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers, Northern California region. He has developed one of the largest mental health training […]

#294 – The Dark Side of Seligman’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness with Stephen Soldz PhD

an article he co-authored which is critical of Martin Seligman’s initiative with the U.S. Army. He has received media attention as a vocal critic regarding allegations of the use of psychological torture by the U.S. government in its conduct of the War in Iraq and the War on Terror. In August 2007, Soldz publicly challenged […]