Best of Shrink Rap Radio

People are always asking me what my favorite interview is. This “Best of Shrink Rap Radio” page is my attempt to answer that question. Of course, the answer depends on the subject matter and the questioner’s area(s) of interest. I’d never be able to select just one. There have been so many favorites for me. This is a work in progress. If you think I’ve left out a really important category or interview, drop me a line and I’ll consider your suggestion. Another issue is that some of these interviews could be listed under multiple categories. However, I’ve decided to list each one only once.

Autonomic Nervous System
#265 – The Polyvagal Theory with Stephen Porges, Ph.D.
#359 – Addiction In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts with Gabor Mate
#527 – Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation with Alexandra Katehakis
#561 – Narcissism and Love with Jungian Analyst Kenneth Kimmel
#344 – Archetypal Phenomena Surrounding Death with Monika Wikman, PhD
Artificial Intelligence
#475 – The Social and Psychological Impact of AI and Robotics with John Markoff
#346 – A New Paradigm for Thinking About Autism with Nick Walker
#267 – The Horse Boy with Rupert Isaacson
Brain Science
#340 – Brain Lateralization and Western Culture with Iain McGilchrist MD
#489 – The Promise of Technology for The Aging Brain with Dr. Adam Gazzaley
#89 – The Secret Spiritual World of Children with Tobin Hart, PhD
Complementary/Functional Medicine
#302 – Exploring Mindful Dreaming with Rubin Naiman PhD
#163 – Exercise and The Brain with John Ratey, MD
#264 – Beyond Forgiveness, Reflections on Atonement with Phil Cousineau
#221 – Secrets of The Bulletproof Spirit with Azim Khamisa
#57 – The Healing Power of Forgiveness with Fred Luskin, PhD
#393 – The Science and Practice of Gratitude with Robert A. Emmons PhD
Grief and Ritual
#279 – Grief, Ritual, and The Soul of The World with Francis Weller, M.A.
#567 Tea With Winnicott with Professor Brett Kahr
Humanistic Psychology
#360 – Rediscovering Humanistic Psychology with Jessica Grogan PhD
LGBTQ Issues
#375 – Transforming Tragedy into Growth with Jonathan Van Nuys
#512 – Exploring Gender Therapy with Dara Hoffman-Fox LPC
#330 – Unlocking The Emotional Brain with Bruce Ecker, M.A.
Men’s Issues
#354 – What Aging Men Want with John C. Robinson, PhD
#165 – Irritable Male Syndrome with Jed Diamond, PhD
#534 – Your Mind Is Bigger Than Your Brain with Daniel J. Siegel MD
#410 – A Research-Based View of Mindfulness & Health with Ellen Langer PhD
Myth & Fairy Tale
#293 – A Jungian Approach to Fairy Tales with Tom Elsner
#316 – Exploring Neuro-Psychoanalysis with Mark Solms PhD
#383 – Developments in Neuropsychotherapy with Pieter Rossouw
#329 – The Emotional Foundation of Mind with Jaak Panksepp, PhD
#30 – Scientific Parapsychology with Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
#197 – Scientific Parapsychology with Dean Radin
Positive Psychology
#217 – Happiness and Health with Dacher Keltner
#537 – Deliberate Practice for Psychotherapists with Tony Rousemaniere PsyD
Psychodynamic psychotherapy
#236 – The Efficacy of Psychodynamic Therapies with Jonathan Shedler
#376 – A Psychodynamic Understanding of Personality Structure with Nancy McWilliams PhD
Psychology of Pain
#341 – The Hidden Psychology of Pain with James Alexander,PhD
#411 – Mindfulness and Resilience with Linda Graham MFT
#322 – Mastering Resilience with Dennis Charney MD
Shamanic Psychology
#256 – Mindful Sleep, Mindful Dreams with Rubin Naiman PhD
Somatic Therapy
#311 – Synchronicity and The Interconnected Universe with Jungian Analyst Joseph Cambray
#308 – My Long Run of Synchronicities with David Van Nuys, PhD
#387 – How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For The Better with Clive Thompson
#109 – War and The Soul with Edward Tick PhD
#382 – Healing Developmental Trauma with Laurence Heller
#392 – On Time, Trauma, and Heroism with Philip Zimbardo PhD
William James
#388- William James as Progenitor of Transpersonal Psychology with Mark B. Ryan PhD
#398 – A Plan for Long-Term Life Satisfaction with Tobin Hart PhD
#400 – A War Correspondent’s Memoir of Yoga Healing with Brad Willis (Bhava Ram)
#466 – Yoga Therapy for Addiction, Depression & Anxiety with Sarahjoy Marsh
Click here to see the list that listener Ryan sent me in August of 2014. There is some overlap with my list but his list is longer than mine. 🙂