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#515 – A Jungian Exploration of The Psychopathic Personality with Eve Maram PsyD

#514 – A Jungian Approach to Working With Adolescent Girls with Urana Jackson

#513 – Exploring Neuro-Philosophy with Georg Northoff MD PhD

#512 – Exploring Gender Therapy with Dara Hoffman-Fox LPC

#511 – The Primal Scream Revisited with Drs. Arthur and France Janov

#510 – Overcoming Destructive Anger with Bernard Golden PhD

#509 – The Naturopathic Approach to Psychiatric Problems with Jennifer Bahr ND

#508 – The Breakout: A Rock Opera Film on Cutting with Chris Edgar

#507 – Imaginal Figures in Everyday Life with Mary Harrell PhD

Video Preview of #507 with Jungian Mary Harrell PhD

#506 – Exploring The Medicinal and Spiritual Potential of Marijuana with Barbara Harris

Video Preview of #506 on Medicinal Marijuana with Barbara Harris

#505 – Using Nutrition, Diet, and Supplementation to Treat Depression with James Greenblatt MD

#504 – Using Mindfulness to Clear Emotional Clutter with Donald Altman M.A.

#503 – Exploring The Disease Model Debate with Prof. Peter Kinderman

#502 – An Exploration of Self-Medication with Anna Fels MD

#501 – Mindfulness and Relationship Enmeshment: Disentangling without Detaching with Ann Chanler PhD

Video Preview of #501 with Ann Chanler, PhD

#500 – Enhancing Your Baby’s Development Through Movement with Beverly Stokes

#499 – An Evolutionary Theory of Dreaming with Finnish Psychologist Antti Revonsuo PhD

#498 – Duct Tape Parenting with Vicki Hoefle

#497 – Write From God with Tom Bird

Video Clip from Amy Felman’s Interview of Dr. Dave

#496 – Dreaming and the Dialogical Self with Prof. Hubert Hermans

Preview of #497 with Tom Bird on Write From God

#495 – In Search of The Divine Feminine with Jungian Analyst Anne Baring

Preview of My Upcoming Interview with Jungian Analyst Anne Baring

#494 – The Art of The First Session with Robert Taibbi LCSW

#493 – My Shamanic Healing Journey with Nathan Ehrlich M.A.

Preview of Interview #493 on Shamanic Journey with Nathan Eherlich

#492 – Exploring Adolescent Depression with Patrick Kelly MD

#489 – The Promise of Technology for The Aging Brain with Dr. Adam Gazzaley

#488 – How Losing My Stomach Made Me Hungry for Life with Amy Oestreicher

#487 – Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind with Travis Langley PhD

#486 – How The Therapist’s Own Attachment Patterns Shape Therapy with David Wallin PhD

#485 – Neuroscience and The Dalai Lama with Hanno Kirk PhD

#484 – Doing Effective Couples Therapy with Julie Gottman PhD

#483 – An Insider’s Experience of Psychosis with Shannon Love

#482 – Observing The Anniversary of Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams with Leon Hoffman MD

#481 – The Before and After of Couples Therapy with Marni Feuerman LCSW

#480 – Why Therapy Works with Louis Cozolino PhD

#479 – How to Get The Most Out of Psychotherapy with Gary Trosclair LCSW

#478 – Opening to Spirit Mediumship with Suzanne Maiden M.A.

#477 – Liberation Psychology and The Resilience of Indigenous Peoples with David Walker PhD

#476 – Shadow, Sex, and West African Spirituality with Marsha Scarbrough

#475 – The Social and Psychological Impact of AI and Robotics with John Markoff

#474 – Dreams and Awareness Practices with Jungian Therapist Machiel Klerk M.A.

#473 – Assessing Psychosis with James Kleiger PsyD

#472 – The Transformative Power of Metaphor with Kim Hermanson PhD

#471 – An Introduction to Integral Psychotherapy with Mark Forman PhD