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#399 – Trauma and The Body with Pat Ogdon PhD

#398 – A Plan for Long-Term Life Satisfaction with Tobin Hart PhD

#397 – James Alexander PhD Interviews David Van Nuys PhD

#396 – Dream Tending with Stephen Aizenstat PhD

#395 – Lessons of The Inca Shamans with Jungian Analyst Deborah Bryon

#394 – The Benefits of Playing Video Games with Dr. Isabela Granic

#393 – The Science and Practice of Gratitude with Robert A. Emmons PhD

#392 – On Time, Trauma, and Heroism with Philip Zimbardo PhD

#391 – James Hillman’s Archetypal Psychology with Jungian Analyst Patricia Berry

#390 – A Scientific and Phenomenological Exploration of Meditation with Dr. Adeline van Waning

#389 – The Brain Bible with John B. Arden, PhD

#388- William James as Progenitor of Transpersonal Psychology with Mark B. Ryan PhD

#387- How Technology Is Changing Our Minds For The Better with Clive Thompson

#386 – An Update on Mind-Expanding Substances with Ralph Metzner PhD

385 – The Science of Romantic Relationships with Sue Johnson PhD

#384 – Women and Wine, Her Best-Kept Secret with Gabrielle Glaser

#383 – Developments in Neuropsychotherapy with Pieter Rossouw

#382 – Healing Developmental Trauma with Laurence Heller

#381 – Dreams As Guides to The Soul with Steven G. Fox

#380 – The Three Secrets of Aging with John C. Robinson

#379 – The Great Colorado Cannabis Experiment with Jerry Trumbule

#378 – Emotional Medicine with Penelope Young Andrade LCSW

#377 – Dispelling The Ghosts Who Run Our Lives with Jungian Analyst James Hollis

#376 – A Psychodynamic Understanding of Personality Structure with Nancy McWilliams PhD

#375 – Transforming Tragedy into Growth with Jonathan Van Nuys

#374 – Exploring The Impact of Internet Pornography on The Brain with Gary Wilson

#373 – The Fear Fix with Sarah Chana Radcliffe

#372 – Exploring Holotropic Breathwork with Jungian Analyst Monika Wikman

#371 – An Exploration of Parent/Teen Relationships with Michael Ocana MD

#370 – Mindfulness and Loving Relationships with John Amodeo

#369 – A Biopsychological Model to Guide Psychotherapy with Robert Moss

#368 – Psychoanalytic and Jungian Perspectives on Couples at The Crossroads with Daniela Roher and Susan E. Schwartz

#367 – Functional Medicine with Naturopath and Psychoanalytic Therapist Dr. Stephen Ducat

#366 – The Dream and Its Amplification with Jungian Analyst Nancy Furlotti

#365 – Effective Dynamic Therapy Techniques with Jon Frederickson

#364 – Exploring The Wild Feminine with Marilyn Steele PhD

#363 – The Secrets of Surviving Infidelity with Scott Haltzman, MD

#362 – Orthomolecular Medicine and Mental Health with Dr. Jonathan Prousky

#361 – Deep Blues with Jungian Analyst Mark Winborn

#360 – Rediscovering Humanistic Psychology with Jessica Grogan PhD

#359 – Addiction In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts with Gabor Mate

#358 – A Soul-Centered Approach to Creativity with Jonathan Katz, PhD

#357 – Lifelong Love with Phyllis Koch-Sheras and Peter Sheras

#356 – Relationships, Dating and Disability with Danielle Sheypuk

#355 Current Developments in Positive Psychology with Stewart Donaldson PhD

#354 – What Aging Men Want with John C. Robinson, PhD

#353 – Thriving with Adult ADHD with Craig Surman, MD

#352 –Creative and Therapeutic Uses of Tarot with Andrew Matzner, MSW

#351 – Exploring The Placebo Response with Jungian Analyst Richard Kradin, MD

#350 – The Role of Nutrition in Mental Health with Duane Law