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#448 – Understanding Our Archetypal Nature with Gary S. Bobroff M.A.,

#447 – Finding Your Groove at Home and Work with Christine Carter PhD

#446 – Post Traumatic Success with Fredrike Bannink

#445 – The Life of Emma Jung with Jungian Analyst Imelda Gaudissart

#444 – An African Shaman’s Wisdom for The West with Malidoma Somé PhD

#443 – Reflections on The Mindfulness Boom with Ronald Purser PhD

#442 – Reclaiming Your Identity After Trauma with Michele Rosenthal

#441 – Psychosynthesis: Past, Present and Future with Molly Young Brown

#440 – Mindfulness & Self-Compassion as Tools for Shifting Out of Depression with Elisha Goldstein PhD

#439 – Psychedelics and Their Power to Heal with Journalist/Author Tom Shroder

#438 – Exploring A Relational Approach to Autism and Other States of Mind with Dr. Dan L. Edmunds

#437 – Embracing Envy in Life and Therapeutic Practice with Josh Gressel PhD

#436 – Brain, Mind, and Body in The Healing of Trauma with Bessel van der Kolk MD

#435 – The Potential of Video Games to Fend Off Mental Decline with Clive Thompson

#434 – Science and Pseudoscience in Psychology with Scott Lilienfeld PhD

#433 – Transactional Analysis: Past, Present, and Future with Vann Joines PhD

#432 – Human Systems Theory and Practice with Mark Horowitz M.A.

#431 – Stillness in Mind with Simon Cole, M.A.

#430 – Recent Findings on The Treatment of Insomnia with Barry Krakow MD

#429 – A Window on Religion and Psychotherapy in Iran with Nima Ghorbani PhD

#428 – A Report from The Sexual Frontier with Sex Therapist Marty Klein, PhD

#427 – Exploring The “Participation Mystique” with Jungian Analyst Mark Winborn PhD

#426 – Exploring The Deep Psyche Through Music with Iain Woods aka “Psychologist”

#425 – The Unconscious Impact of Culture on Psyche with Jungian Analyst Samuel Kimbles PhD

#424 – Being a Brain-Wise Therapist with Bonnie Badenoch PhD

#423 – Integrating Psychology into Primary Care with Susan H. McDaniel PhD

#422 – Finding True Refuge in Mindfulness with Tara Brach PhD

#420 – A Model for Integrative Mental Health with Rubin Naiman PhD

#419 – Internal Family Systems Therapy with Jay Earley PhD

#418 – How to Be An Adult in Love with David Richo PhD

#417 – A Jungian Understanding of Crop Circles with Gary Bobroff, MA

#416 – Trauma and The Soul with Donald Kalsched PhD

#415 – Exploring Consciousness and Health with Marilyn Schlitz PhD

#414 – Fairy Tales and The New Aging with John C. Robinson PhD

#413 – The Unification of Clinical Science and Psychotherapy with Jeffrey Magnavita PhD

#412 – Meister Eckart, Mystic Warrior for Our Time with Matthew Fox

#411 – Mindfulness and Resilience with Linda Graham MFT

#410 – A Research-Based View of Mindfulness & Health with Ellen Langer PhD

#409 – A Gestalt Therapist Reflects on Mindfulness with Declan Aherne PhD

#408 – The New Science of Physical Intelligence with Thalma Lobel PhD

#407 – Mindfulness as An Antidote for The Busy-ness Epidemic with Brigid Schulte

#406 – Listening to Your Gut with James Greenblatt MD

#405 – Developing Dreamwork Skills with Clara Hill PhD

#404 – The Erosion of Privacy on The Social Web with Jennifer Golbeck PhD

#403 – Insights on Rape, Courage, and Authenticity from The Cartooning Psychologist, Nina Burrowes PhD

#402 – Techniques for Relieving Depression Without Medication with Bill O’Hanlon

#401 – A Critical Examination of Monogamy with Christopher Ryan PhD

#400 – A War Correspondent’s Memoir of Yoga Healing with Brad Willis (Bhava Ram)

#399 – Trauma and The Body with Pat Ogdon PhD

#398 – A Plan for Long-Term Life Satisfaction with Tobin Hart PhD