At last! The fully modern approach to Shrink Rap Radio! For a one-time cost of $2.99, you can download the Shrink Rap Radio app for iPhone, Android or Windows! Purchasing this app will not only make listening more convenient for you but will also help to support the show. These apps give you access to the most recent 250 or so episodes plus the means to communicate directly with Dr. Dave via e-mail, phone message, Twitter, or Facebook. Rather than take up limited memory on your device, the app streams the content to you wirelessly. In addition, it has buttons that let you share episodes with friends, download episodes, and Favorite them, and more. If you know you are going to be out of range for streaming, you also have the option of marking one or more episodes for storage on your device.


IOS: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
This is absolutely the best way to listen to Shrink Rap Radio on your IOS device! Click here to go to our dedicated app in the iTunes store!




Android / Kindle Fire In The Amazon App Store!

amazon_androidThe Android version of the Shrink Rap Radio app can be purchased and downloaded from the Amazon Android App Store for a one-time $2.99. Click here to go to the app on Amazon.

Order it from the Google Play Store!

Or it can also be purchased from the Google Play Store for $2.99.Click here to go to our dedicated app in the Google App Store.


For Windows Smart Phones, Too!

Yes, not be left out, there is a dedicated Shrink Rap Radio app for Microsoft Windows, also for $2.99! Just click here for the Windows version of the Shrink Rap Radio app!



Wizard Media

The Shrink Rap Radio app is the creation of Wizard Media at If you run into any trouble with our app let me know which versio you are using on which platorm and which operating system version and a clear description of the problem and I’ll pass that along to them for a fix.