#89 – The Secret Spiritual World of Children with Tobin Hart, PhD


Tobin Hart, Ph.D. is a father, university professor, author, psychologist, and consultant. He is founder and chair of the Board of Directors of ChildSpirit Institute, a nonprofit educational and research hub dedicated to understanding and nurturing the spiritual world of children. He currently serves as associate professor of psychology at the State University of West Georgia. His teaching and research centers on the activity of knowing and examines consciousness, spirituality, psychotherapy, and education. He has served as a director of a school for gifted adolescents, a director of counseling, an academic dean, clinical supervisor, a therapist for families, adults, and children, and as a consultant for a variety of organizations. His two latest books are The Secret Spiritual World of Children and From Information to Transformation: Education for the Evolution of Consciousness. In today’s interview, we will be discussing his 2003 book, The Secret Spiritual World of Children.


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