#80 – Australian Aboriginal Spirituality with Jeremy Donovan

Jeremy Donovan is a descendant of both the Gumbaiingirr and KuKu-Yalanji tribes and has been playing didgeridoo in both traditional and contemporary performances for over 6 years. Widely acclaimed as one of the leading indigenous didgeridoo players of Australia, Jeremy’s exceptional skill with the didgeridoo, and extensive knowledge of his cultural heritage has earned him the recognition of his peer’s as a master storyteller and performer. Over the last 10 years, he has been greatly influenced by a number of tribal elders from his communities and others across Australia. These influences have given him greater ambitions to show the true richness of his amazing heritage. Today, he is an amazing role model for both the indigenous and Non Indigenous youth of Australia. As a result, Jeremy’s masterful didgeridoo playing and passion has seen him become one of Australia ‘s Premier didgeridoo performers. Throughout Jeremy’s busy life he always sets aside time focus on one of his greatest passions. Spending time with “At Risk” adolescents is one of Jeremy’s greatest passions. Working with Urban Indigenous Youth, Jeremy encourages these youth to follow in his footsteps. His message is very blunt yet very powerful. “Learn your culture be proud of where you come from, and never forget the struggle the generations before us have faced. Don’t Blame others for your trouble or problems. You control your own Destiny… I make it my job to educate people from many nations around the world about the beauty of my traditional culture.


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