#73 – Reflections on My Tarot Reading

Dr. Dave (David Van Nuys, Ph.D.) reflects on a Tarot reading by Art Rosengarten, Ph.D. during Shrink Rap Radio episode #70. Dr. Dave models the process of how one might approach working with these archetypal symbols and applying them to a key concern in one’s own life.


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  1. suz
    Posted June 20, 2007 at 7:40 am | Permalink

    just listened to your two tarot related programs. like your discussion of the cards … and you probably are set in terms of ahas… but i’ll offer the following “surface level” associations i had … that, now that i think about it, clearly come from a listener’s “outside looking in” perspective:

    1. The devil card (in the “how things appear” position)reminded me of the seductive female voice in the beginning of many of the podcasts who says: “all the psychology you need to know and just enough to make you dangerous” – to me, devilishly alluring. The devil, to me, also has a humorous, silly cast (in that the devil pictured has a funny look on his face) – which the tempting she-devil voice also conveys to me in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way.

    and then in the context of the rest of the reading (i forgot the positions, here) …

    second card – there’s really some good solid stuff that’s being “hammered out” here – not all devilish fun and games. craftsmanship worthy of respect.

    third card – hermit … i resonate with the lantern and the cloak. there is an element of mystery to what you’ll do – what you’ll come up with next – where future shows will lead – whether you’ll do more shows, and how often … and an element of “sharing the light with others” – often when this card comes up it is said: “don’t hold your light under a bushel”

    i also see a connection between the pentacle above the devil’s head and the 7 pents .. which reminds me of the business link between concept/idea and execution.

    eh – my two cents. and all of it couched in “if this were my reading” …
    thanks for sharing!

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