#69 – From 60 Minutes Producer to Positive Psychologist with John Drimmer


John Drimmer, Ph.D. has distinguished himself as one of the new leaders of the field of Positive Psychology. He’s been teaching at UCLA’s medical school and has founded the Positive Psychology Center of California. He comes to this work with a really unusual background. Dr. John Drimmer spent three decades making film and television programs in Hollywood. All that time hes been a close student of the human drama and human psychology. His shows are seen far and wide. He was a producer for 60 Minutes, helped found The History Channel and executive produced hundreds of programs for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, The Learning Channel, and A&E. He’s also written Hollywood movies including Iceman which was produced by Universal. He is a winner of the DuPont-Columbia Award, the Genesis Award, the Aurkra Award, and the national Telly Award. In addition to all this, he is writing a book about how adults find meaning in their lives.


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  1. Chad Schlesinger
    Posted January 14, 2011 at 3:33 pm | Permalink

    Content: A+
    Delivery: D

    The gentleman interviewed, while quite insightful, is addicted to the word “umm…”. The interview is nearly unlistenable.

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