#60 – Healing The Addictive Personality with Lee Jampolsky


Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D. is both a friend and one of my former students. Having confronted and conquered his own addictions, he is the author of the book, Healing The Addictive Mind, which came out 14 years ago and is currently at work on a follow-up book on that same topic, which will be titled, Healing The Addictive Personality. Meanwhile, he also has five other books in print and four in process. He has not had what would be described as an easy life. From the turmoil of addiction and loss, to living through and beyond disabilities and chronic health problems, he has grown and found purpose by using what he teaches in his own life. With humor and from the heart, Lee has a unique ability to help people discover and realize their dreams and full potential.His books are in many languages and, combined with his international lecturing, Lee continues to touch and motivate people around the globe. His writings and teachings contain a deep understanding, yet have direct practicality. Most importantly, Lee strives to come from compassion in all he does. This episode closes with the ever popular Pachelbel Canon in D major performed on the piano by Mario Ajero.


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