#52 – Religious Delusions


That which sets us apart from others is automatically a delusion.” That provocative thought comes from the Reverend Christopher Heath who is an Anglican Priest in the south of Australia. He is Chaplain for Bloomfield Psychiatric and Orange Base Hospitals, in the Anglican Diocese of Bathurst, New South Wales. This interview comes to us by way of Frank Smolle, our psychological correspondent from Down Under, whose got himself a new MP3 recorder. Going to Rev. Heath’s website, I discover some commonalities in our backgrounds. We’ve both studied Electrical Engineering. We’ve both practiced Yoga and we’ve both been amateur radio operators, or “hams.” And I also see we’re both Macintosh fans. So he’s okay in my book! More importantly, though, as I listened to the interview I really found myself resonating with his ideas about the essence of spirituality as opposed to the trappings of it, as well as his timely and thoughtful reflectons on the divide between Christians and Muslims. We close with the only podsafe didgeridoo music I could find. The tune is called, “Chomp” and it is played by a group out of Munich, Germany called Termites At Work.


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  1. nicky bruce
    Posted February 3, 2011 at 11:30 am | Permalink

    oh lol i know frank and christopher, very interesting stuff

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