#501 – Mindfulness and Relationship Enmeshment: Disentangling without Detaching with Ann Chanler PhD

Ann Chanler

Ann Chanler PhD is a psychologist-psychoanalyst and clinical supervisor in private practice in New York City. A cum laude graduate of Duke University who received her doctorate at Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, she completed her post-doctoral psychoanalytic training in 2004 at the esteemed William Alanson White Institute in NYC. She teaches and writes on the integration of spirituality and psychoanalysis. Through her blogging on Psychology Today’s Contemporary Psychoanalytic blog post, a rigorous meditation practice, and her training in John Kabat-Zin’s mindfulness program, she brings an eastern sensibility to the western practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. This May she will be presenting a paper about using mindfulness to disentangle from enmeshed relationships at the 2nd International Conference on Mindfulness in Rome. Ann believes strongly in the psychological benefits of being rooted in the body to achieve a quiet mind. She’s been an athlete her entire life having competed in collegiate lacrosse and having captured a world championship in Ultimate Frisbee. She lives in Lower Manhattan with her husband, two daughters, and a dog.

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