#364 – Exploring The Wild Feminine with Marilyn Steele PhD

Marilyn Steele

Marilyn Steele, Ph.D., is a Jungian psychologist, author, speaker, artist, mother and grandmother. She grew up in Hawaii, a land of great beauty and native wisdom where life is deeply intertwined with nature and its rhythms. She still considers Hawaii, a place alive with the sacred feminine, her soul home. She visits as often as possible. The early loss of her baby sister, and later, the death of her younger brother, cultivated a deep compassion in her for suffering people and the mysteries of life and death. This drew her into a career in psychology. A stronger calling arose after the births of her children, several powerful visions, and a surprising passion for the emerging new science. When her four year old daughter complained in 1977 “I know all about history. What about Herstory?” Marilyn realized she was quite frustrated and annoyed at the then current models of the self which excluded women’s experiences, perspectives, inclusive thinking and feeling and core spiritual values. She dedicated herself to exploring and describing the science and spirituality of the self, informed by the archetypal psychology of the dynamic, transformative Feminine.

During her career as a Jungian psychologist Marilyn has spoken internationally, taught at numerous graduate schools, provided continuing education seminars on the topics of female psychology, the evolution of consciousness, and a re-visioning of the self. Dr. Steele is dedicated to helping women access their wild feminine power and returning feminine power, creativity and wisdom to the world. She lives in Northern California.



  1. Nick Flynn
    Posted September 16, 2013 at 5:37 pm | Permalink

    Just finished listening to you reading Marilyn and I just had to comment; I was entranced listening, it was a wonderful experience and it felt I was in your story, finding myself sad when you reached the end!
    As a gay male I can definitely find myself relating to this wild feminine and I really tuned in to this whole podcast.
    Oh, and awesome job as usual Dr. Dave! Keep up the good work and keep choosing wonderful guests such as Marilyn 🙂

  2. Nick Flynn
    Posted September 16, 2013 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

    Looking back on that comment I would like to replace “Marilyn” with “Dr. Steele”, my apologies!
    I’m going to attribute that lapse in conventional respect to feeling that I know you first hand already after such a rich and vibrant interview!

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