#326 – An Overview of Body Psychotherapy with Michael Heller PhD

Michael C. Heller, Ph.D. is a USA and Swiss citizen, born in Paris. Dr. Heller is the author of the definitive 2012 book, Body Psychotherapy: History, Concepts, Methods. He is a psychologist who has studied, as a researcher and a clinician, the relation between mind and body. As a researcher, he has primarily studied the nonverbal behavior of suicidal and depressive patients in the Geneva University Psychiatric Institutions. As a clinician, he trained in body psychotherapy in Gerda Boyesen’s school, and has participated in the development of body psychotherapy with his colleagues of the European Association of Body Psychotherapy (EABP). He has participated in the creation of several journals in the field of body psychotherapy, and has occupied key posts in the EABP (Vice-president, chair of the Ethics Committee and Scientific Committee). He publishes and teaches regularly on clinical and research issues related to body and mind. He is now psychotherapist and supervisor in Lausanne, Switzerland, while continuing to teach and publish at an international level.

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  1. Posted May 16, 2013 at 5:18 am | Permalink

    Very good!
    Thank you

  2. Louise
    Posted April 22, 2014 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    Love this interview and I have added the book to my Amazon wish list (because I prefer ebooks). The content was just so helpful and interesting (as usual!). Thanks Dr Dave 🙂

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