#317 – Body Therapy and The Embodied Life with Stanley Keleman


Stanley Keleman is the director of the Center for Energetic Studies in Berkeley California, where he teaches the Formative Approach to human development. He received an honorary Ph.D. from Saybrook University for his contributions to the field of body psychotherapy and humanistic psychology. He is also the founder and developer of Formative Psychology, the director of research at the Center of Form and Development in Zurich, Switzerland, and a visiting lecturer at the Spectrum School of Humanistic Psychology in London, England. He has authored the pioneering books Emotional Anatomy, Embodying Experience, Your Body Speaks its Mind, Insults to Form, Living Your Dying, and Myth and the Body, in addition to numerous clinical books. Currently, he is writing a book on dreams and the body.

Stanley Keleman has been practicing and developing somatic therapy for over thirty-five years and is a pioneer in his study of the body and its connection to the sexual, emotional, psychological and imaginative aspects of human experience. Through his writings and practice, he has developed a methodology and conceptual framework for the life of the body.

Stanley Keleman has been the director of the Center for Energetic Studies in Berkeley, California since 1971, where he maintains a private and group practice and an active schedule of national and international professional programs. He is the honorary president and director for research at the Zurich School for Form and Movement, and the Institute for Formative Psychology in Solingen, Germany where he also teaches.

He is the recipient of lifetime achievement awards from the European Body Psychotherapy Association and the American Body Psychotherapy Association.

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  1. Russ
    Posted August 12, 2012 at 7:28 am | Permalink

    While I had a really hard time hearing/understanding Mr. Keleman in this recording, this was a very interesting interview, especially his response to the idea of bodywork vs talk therapy as an “either/or” dualism.

    I think there’s a lot of validity to the idea that talk therapy is very good at uncovering the problem, conflict or whatever is at the root of distress, but often is not effective at actually relieving symptoms because the feelings, memories, etc. that are related to the problem are still “stuck” in the body, and many talk therapies don’t address the body.

  2. Posted December 19, 2012 at 6:44 pm | Permalink

    This discussion brought up Adler, someone who did much but of whom I know very little. Adlerian psychology seems to have fallen completely out of fashion, but I’d very much like to know the rudiments of Adler’s work.

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