#233 – NLP Modeling in Corporate Training with Tom Carroll

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Tom Carroll has been facilitating and conducting corporate training for the past 20 years. Be sure to see his YouTube “The Vein Whisperer” on his site at www.evolutionarylearning.com. After earning a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Oregon (with quite a few classes in economics and philosophy), he began his training/facilitating career as a community affairs officer for a non-profit food bank/food co-op program in the late ’80s. There he was a member of a business process improvement team and learned the standard Total Quality Management tool set (Deming and Juran) and the Imagineering facilitation style taught at Disney University (Michael Vance’s work).

Tom later applied his business process and quality design skills as a management analyst in the insurance industry.

In 1993 Tom began studying Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) at the Institute of NLP with Dr. Jonathan Rice and Andrea Rice, his partner and owner/rain maker of the business. Tom went on to get earn Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Modeling, and Training certifications in NLP.

He has since been using this valuable communications skill set to train, coach, facilitate, and consult. During his NLP training, Tom met his long-time friend and frequent project collaborator, Mike Bown.

In addition to the NLP focus, Tom has certifications and/or training in life/business coaching, instructional design, team skills, and business process improvement/quality, and project management. ??For nearly 10 years, Tom worked as a performance consultant and training manager for Sematech, an Austin-based semiconductor manufacturing industry consortium. There he designed facilitations, facilitated groups, trained people to facilitate, and used his skills to redesign and improve training and development processes to gain ISO management certification for one of Sematech’s subsidiaries.

Tom has used behavioral modeling and interviewing skills to model highly skilled individuals across a wide variety of professions and industries. He has used this knowledge to help professional communities of practice develop and to create instructional materials and job aides to improve work performance.

In 2008, Tom started Evolutionary Learning in Austin, Texas, USA. He has been using his coaching skills and behavioral modeling of experts and rapid design of instruction and multi media to help organizations from various industries learn more from their most talented people.

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    No question NLP nowadays is the best mind technology designed to change people’s lives. I like the post. I ‘ve learned a lot from here. Thank you for sharing.

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