#224 – Trekking Alone in The Wilderness with J.R. Harris

photo of J.R. Harris

J. Robert (“J.R.”) Harris is one of my market research colleagues who is also an adventurer and explorer. His resume includes more than 40 wilderness expeditions over the past 30 years to remote places such as Alaska, Tasmania, Iceland, Patagonia, Lapland, the Australian Outback, Greenland and Tanzania. Many of these treks were solo. In recognition of his experience, he was elected into the Explorers Club in 1993. He is interviewed here by another one of my market research colleagues, Dr. Sharon Livingston, who I interviewed on Shrink Rap Radio episodes #190 and #11 and who interviewed me on episode #13.

J.R. has written a number of articles and stories about his exploits and experiences, and he uses these topics as a motivational speaker at inner-city high schools in New York City.

J.R. is President of JRH Marketing Services, has over 40 years of diverse marketing and research experience, including media, packaged goods, international, and ethnic marketing and research assignments from major corporations, agencies, organizations and government ministries. He is also an experienced qualitative research consultant who has moderated thousands of focus groups. He is a Founding Member and past President of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA).

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  1. Virl
    Posted December 26, 2009 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

    Great guest, great interview! Jr Harris breaking the glass ceiling for African Americans and trekking in his older years is inspiring. I’m sure he has a so much wisdom with everywhere he has been. I feel his best tip during this interview was if he ever got lost to the point of panic, he did absolutely nothing. He’s smart enough to gather his thoughts and control his mind, rather than his mind controlling him

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