#22 – Snake Dreams with The Maidens


Snakes are a fairly frequent dream symbol. Robin and Suzanne Maiden host the Jungian-oriented podcast, InsytWorks and, in a recent episode, they discuss snakes and the archetepal image of the snake swallowing its own tail, which is known as the Oroboros. In this episode, I replay a portion of their show, work on a dream that Suzanne shared, and breifly interview Suzanne, who is finishing up an M.A. degree in depth psychology at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Northern California. Tying in the theme of dreaming, we once again end with the posafe music selection: “Living The Dream” by Chris Mills.


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  1. Robin
    Posted August 9, 2010 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    Interesting as usual, the show has really evolved. I may have to buy your \"Dreams-CD\" as a christmaspresent to myself later this year. Thanks for the food for thought.

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