#207 – Life Changing Lessons from Hard Core Cons with Dana Houck

photo of Dr. Dana Houck


You may recall that Dana Houck D.Min, Ed.D. was my very fascinating guest on Shrink Rap Radio #173 – Prison Dreams and Fairy Tales. He has published a new book, Life Changing Lessons from Hard Core Cons.

Dr. Houck is currently a psychotherapist working in Minnesota in private practice and is working part time as a licensed School Counselor working with troubled youth in Rural Minnesota Schools. He worked as a prison Psychologist for over ten years before recently retiring. While working in the prison setting he lead numerous groups of men using myths, fairytales and dream work to assist their development and uncovering the reasons they brought themselves to prison. He also conducted individual therapy sessions using dream work with these incarcerated individuals enabling them to work through issues surrounding their crimes, lifestyles and perceptions preparing them to reenter society as caring and productive individuals.
He is an author having recently published, The Hooded Lady Speaks: A Spiritual and Psychological Conversation.

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  1. Ralf Bollweg
    Posted February 27, 2013 at 12:17 am | Permalink

    I worked for 35 years in institutions run by the State of Minnesota and am suprised that Dr. Houck was allowed to do his Jungian Therapy for more than 7 months let alone 7 years. These institutions are not run by enlightened men and women. Arron Beck called CBT “evidence based therapy, ” unfortunatly it is not evidence based in reality. Dr. Dave’s interviews with people like Bruce Ecker explain why. I was moved by these interviews with Dr. Houck.

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