#204 – Nightmares As A Tool for Personal Growth with Anne Hill

photo of Anne Hill

Anne Hill, D.Min., is a writer, dream consultant and public speaker based in Northern California. She is author of What To Do When Dreams Go Bad: A Practical Guide to Nightmares. She has a private dream practice, and teaches internationally on dreams and spirituality. Her website is www.annehill.org Anne is the host of Dream Talk Radio, airing every Thursday morning from 9 – 10 on KOWS 107.3 fm, Occidental, California. The show can also be heard streaming on the web at www.kows.fm. Anne writes for the Huffington Post on dreams and culture, and also writes the award-winning “Blog o’ Gnosis.” She is co-author with Starhawk of Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions and her work has been published in many anthologies and periodicals.

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  1. Lorre
    Posted May 8, 2009 at 6:34 am | Permalink

    As I was listening to your interview with Anne Hill and nightmares I couldn’t help thinking of something I read by James Hillman. Hillman urged us not to try to force waking logic onto our dreams, because it’s so important to us to understand the dreaming mind and it’s way of thinking and presenting information. Hillman’s idea was that we should try to recall all that’s in a dream and probe more into what is really there rather than try to build a waking logic interpretation of what we recall. I’ve never heard another psychologist say this about dreams and I wonder if he’s simply been ignored or discredited for this idea.

    I think Dr Hill has a wonderful way of dealing with nightmares and practical advice, but I still wonder if trying to take the dream and turn it metaphorically into something else is more powerful than trying to understand our dreaming mind as a whole, and understand it as a different world rather than trying to understand it as we would the waking world.

    So I’m wondering what you think of Hillman’s ideas about dreams and working with our dreams or if you might be able to have a show that discusses Hillman’s ideas in this regard.

  2. Reinhard, Austria
    Posted June 28, 2009 at 12:08 pm | Permalink

    This has to be my favorite SRR show about dreams. I always felt that especially nightmares are one of the most meaningful dreams because they are loaded with such an emotional impact. It’s like your soul is screaming at you because you haven’t listened to it for such a long time and because you haven’t catched the more subtle clues now and then.

    A fascinating book that deals with this kind of dreams (the “big” dreams) ist “Healing Dreams” by Marc Ian Barasch. It’s very enjoyable, sometimes even kind of poetic. And Barasch deals with dream interpretation from every possible angle you could imagine.

    Definitive worth a read. It’s not so much a dry “facts book” but much more like a narrative exploration, check it out.

    Reinhard from Austria

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