Monthly Archives: November 2009

#224 – Trekking Alone in The Wilderness with J.R. Harris

J. Robert (“J.R.”) Harris is one of my market research colleagues who is also an adventurer and explorer. His resume includes more than 40 wilderness expeditions over the past 30 years to remote places such as Alaska, Tasmania, Iceland, Patagonia, Lapland, the Australian Outback, Greenland and Tanzania. Many of these treks were solo. In recognition […]

#223 – Seeking Wisdom in Extreme Solitude with Robert Kull

Robert Kull, Ph.D. teaches through an online university and is author of the 2009 book, Solitutde: Seeking Wisdom in Extremes. Transcript Years after a motorcycle accident left him with one leg, Bob Kull traveled to a remote island in the Patagonia wilderness with supplies to live completely alone for a year. He sought to explore […]