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#130 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE! #5

Jerry Trumbule. It’s a wide ranging conversation covering “the memex,” Google, science fiction, Second LIfe, Moroccan kids in cyber cafes, and more. (Psychology podcast by David Van Nuys, Ph.D.) Podcast: Play in new window | Download

#129 – Process Work

#128 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE! #4

Dr. Dave and co-host Jerry Trumbule respond to a listener comment about the previous show on artificial intelligence with more discussion of the intelligence concept, referring to a review by Malcolm Gladwell in the December 17, 2007 issue of The New Yorker, in which he discusses the Flynn Effect. Podcast: Play in new window | […]

#127 – The Authoritarian Personality with Dr. Robert Altemeyer

#126 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE! #3 – Artificial LIfe and Artificial Intelligence

#125 – The Psychological Roots of Leadership

Stephen H. Baum is author of the 2007 book, What Made Jack Welch Jack Welch: How Ordinary People Become Extraordinary Leaders. Mr. Baum has been an adviser and coach to CEOs for more than twenty years, first as a partner with Booz Allen Hamilton and, now, as an independent practitioner and director of the Point […]

#124 – Shrink Rap Radio LIVE #2

#123 – The Mind in The Exploratorium

I recently visited the San Francisco Exploratorium and Dr. Richard Brown was kind enough to give me the guided tour which you will hear here. You can join us on the tour right now! Dr. Richard Brown is a Neuropsychologist on the staff at the San Francisco Exploratorium. Housed within the walls of San Francisco’s […]

#122 – Shrink Rap Live #1

#121 – Psychopathology in The Workplace