#185 – At The SF Happiness and Its Causes Conference

photo of David Van Nuys, Ph.D. and Beth Phelan in front of Happiness Conference sign

We deviate from our regular format of interviewing a single person. Last week I attended a four-day conference in San Francisco on Happiness and It’s Causes. The conference was sponsored by a Tibetan Buddhist organization to raise money for an initiative known as the Liberation Prison Project, which supports the spiritual practice of thousands of prisoners in the USA and Australia. What you will hear here are a selection of short interview clips from attendees and organizers, along with my commentary.

While the conference was sponsored by a Buddhist organization, the roster of speakers an amazing mix of researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines and perspectives. You will have already heard my interview with Dr. Philippe Goldin of Stanford University on Shrink Rap Radio #182, who is using fMRI technology to study both mindfulness and CBT. In part, I wanted to attend the conference to scout out other good guests to bring you, my wonderful audience. And, I’m happy to report, there are a number of excellent folks who I hope to have on the show in the coming months.

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