#160 – Drunk With Wonder


Steve Ryals is author of the new book Drunk with Wonder: Awakening to the God Within. Through learning to be present to his own deep feelings, Ryals was able to let go of years of addictive behavior, including freeing himself of decades of alcohol abuse seven years ago. He attributes his current health and happiness to his direct experience that “healing takes feeling” and says healthy sharing of feelings is key to a wonder-filled life. Drunk with Wonder: Awakening to the God Within is the culmination of years of research and decades of personal experience. It’s been hailed as where “Conversations with God meets What the Bleep Do we Know?”

Steve Ryals, lives off the electrical grid in Northern California, has a publishing company, was a music reviewer for years, has made and lost a million dollars, and has been studying mind/body health his entire adult life. He is very knowledgeable about the interface between science and philosophy/religion and has written a book, which is a compendium of the literature to date (with exhaustive bibliography), combined with his own story of going from homeless and Methedrine-addicted to graduating from U.C. Berkeley on the dean’s list.

The show raps up with a podsafe music selection by Geoff Smith, titled Ones and Os.

A psychology podcast by David Van Nuys, Ph.D.


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  1. Elaine
    Posted July 31, 2008 at 9:01 pm | Permalink

    It is amazing how things appear in your life at the exactly correct time ..

    After meeting someone very special via second life this week, we had some large emotional excursions, primarily due to the stories we carry with us from the past …

    After a very heartbreaking conversation with a new friend, I found myself sharing a story from my freshman year in high school, and this story simply created the self-fulfilling prophesy of repeating past patterns..

    After finally going to bed quite late, I was listening to my iPod as I usually do, and was listening to this particular segment about drunk with wonder ..

    Steve Ryals happened to repeat a particular phrase, or series of phrases to the point that I thought my iPod was stuck like a broken record ..

    Of course it wasn’t, however the particular content that I heard was exactly appropriate for the experience I had earlier in the evening with my second life friend …

    Another reason to be assured that
    “it’s all in your mind” …

    What you think will happen is what will happen if you dwell on it, whether it is what you want, or not ..


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