#13 – Jungian Archetypes and Their Application in Psychotherapy and Consumer Research


Turnabout is fair play. I had previously interviewed Sharon Livingston, Ph.D.. She asked to interview me for a series on her own website. I have drawn upon the work of Swiss psychiatrist, C.G. Jung for my own work as a therapist and as a teacher. His theory of archetypes refers to eternal patterns that recur in the human imagination, regardless of time and place. The image of “The Hermit” from the Tarot is a good example of the archetypal truth seeker, loner, and wise old man. We close the session out with a piece of podsafe music which embraces another archetypal idea: death and rebirth. In this case, it manifests in a rock-and-roll anthem calling for the death of traditional media and the birth of new media. The song is “On A Podcast” by Cruisebox.


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  1. suz
    Posted June 20, 2007 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    interesting how i listened to this after #73… that reading was bracketed by the devil and the hermit –

    and in this podcast, you feature on the page the hermit card (wise old man) and also mention that archetype among the first in a list … and then, in addition, you offer – with emphasis – “the evil one” as another archetype.

    pretty cool.

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