#120 – Adventure-Based Psychotherapy



Jason Holder, Ed.D. is author of the 1999 book Adventurelore: Adventure-Based Counseling for Individuals and Groups and has over 26 years of child, adolescent and family counseling experience, most of which has been in an adventure-based environment. He received his doctorate from Boston University, where he has also taught as an adjunct professor. In addition, he has 15 years experience in teaching grades 1 through graduate school. During the summer, he has operated a highly successful outdoor adventure wilderness program for youth. Along with his practice, he regularly presents to schools, businesses and many other groups. His interactive seminars have a key focus on building self-esteem, self-confidence, effective communication skills, and positive teamwork with elements of fun. His AdventureLore program is based in Danville, New Hampshire.

(Psychology podcast by David Van Nuys, Ph.D.)


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    On the subject of there being not so much literature: I recall Dutch therapists having taken problematic youth on survival trips in the Ardennes (Belgium) in the eighties and nineties. Not always with 100% success, but that is not the point; hasn’t this been documented? The basis of the approach seems so obviously sound, there has to be ways to work them out.


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