#12 – Altered States of Consciousness


Adam Ronscavage, M.A., the producer of the AP Psychology podcast interviews Dr. Dave on the subject of Altered States of Consciousness. Dr. Dave maintains that altered states have survival value and have been sought after by nearly all cultures across the ages. Dr. Dave reads a listener e-mail from the UK. The session closes with the podsafe music selection, Upside Down, by Bob Gentry.


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  1. John Knight
    Posted July 26, 2012 at 10:27 pm | Permalink

    Just found this one. I’m so glad that letter came up – I’m not really a fan of modern psychology approaches at all (at least in terms of what we’re taught at uni), and I can only get through all the statistics and measurements because I can access ‘heretical’ resources such as this (and counter-balance the classes that feel almost like accountancy) and I came from a heretical interest in Jung to begin with. If any other psych students become quickly turned off by what they see, as opposed to what they thought they’d be studying, come tumble down the rabbit hole to keep sane. 🙂

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